Square Enix Announces Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect

“The Hardest Murder To Solve Is Your Own.” Square Enix, the floundering Japanese video game publisher / developer, has taken a break from releasing rehashed versions of the oft-criticised Final Fantasy XIII to announce the upcoming title, Murdered: Soul Suspect. Not much is know about the game besides its 2014 multi-platform release date and that […]

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5 Things We Learned From The PlayStation Meeting

Playstation 4

The Future of Gaming and a Lukewarm Response to Microsoft’s Competitors… Last night saw Sony finally lift the curtain on their next generation PlayStation console and – while a number of questions were answered – fresh speculation has arisen alongside some exciting new features, services and games. Here are some of the things that we […]

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Talking Point: What the Steam Box Means for the Future of the Xbox


A Catalyst for a Revolution… The most exciting time for gamers everywhere is rapidly approaching… The dawn of a new generation of consoles. Sony have already set the date for their supposed PS4 announcement, leaving Microsoft as the only company yet to release any morsel of information regarding their next-gen system. Speculation is running rife […]

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