2012: My Top 5 Gaming Obsessions

2012 was a great year for video games, with indie games finally taking their rightful place amongst AAA titles, the launch of the first ‘next-gen’ hardware, the return of some great IPs and the introduction of some brand-new ones. While not all of the following titles can be considered 2012 releases, these are the 5 […]

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20 Years On: A Super Mario Bros Experience…

Super Mario

The video game industry has garnered a reputation from the uninformed masses of creating big-budget ephemeral forms of entertainment that are quickly lost to the annals of history. How likely are you to re-enter the 8-bit worlds of Super Mario Bros now that the Call of Duty phenomenon is in full swing and Mass Effect is sat […]

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My Take On Mass Effect…

Mass Effect

The last few weeks have seen me tearing through the Mass Effect trilogy of video games  with a vigour that I haven’t experienced for a title since The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. This is a game for which story is of paramount importance. To play this trilogy with a lengthy break between […]

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