Annihilation is a two hour heap of bizarre…

Annihilation is a bizarre film. It’s a high concept science fiction movie that’s currently in theatres in the US and, due to some distribution weirdness, on Netflix in a bunch of other regions.

The latter was how I experienced Annihilation, and I can’t help but think this is the cinematic equivalent of eating Starburst with the wrapper on, or watching Dunkirk on the back of an aeroplane headrest.

Equal parts Arrival and 2001: A Space Odyssey with a little Alex Garland secret sauce thrown in for good measure, it feels like a two hour Kojima production/Death Stranding trailer of a movie. Throughout a two hour whirlwind of high-brow science fiction, we’re taken from a mutant bear mauling to Poe Dameron vomiting blood (yes, Oscar Isaac is in this movie) before cutting a space worm out of his buddy’s stomach, culminating with Natalie Portman performing some Swan Lake dance routine with what can only be described as one of the Power Rangers’ Putty Patrol.

Ex Machina is still Alex Garland’s best work, but this is worth the £7.99 Netflix subscription for the mutant bear alone.

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