Bayonetta 2: Review Round-Up

Bayonetta 2

The Bayonetta 2 reviews are now surfacing ahead of the game’s October 24th release, and the verdicts seems to be overwhelmingly positive, receiving numerous 9s and 10s from some of the industry’s biggest outlets.

Nintendo Life: 9/10

“Bayonetta is is a must buy for any action gaming fans. It’s fast, intense and ridiculous, all with an entertaining story and a protagonist that is forever subverting and playing with her audience. It’s pure Platinum Games, too, which means it’ll likely be adored by its converts and ignored by too many — we hope that won’t happen, as what we have here is one of the Wii U’s best games, and a rare arrival on the system that’s unashamedly violent, gory and mature, while still mischievously winking at the watching world. Bayonetta 2 is brilliant, brash and impossible to ignore.”

Kotaku: No Score

“Bayonetta 2’s combat design remains robust enough to be a very strong main attraction. But any emotions stirred up during my time with Bayonetta wound up feeling shallow. I’m glad for those times when I kicked ass in a stylish manner but still found myself bemoaning the terrible storytelling I endured to do that. If Platinum somehow manages to shore up those failings, the next encounter with Bayonetta won’t just be a pantomine of lust. It might turn into love.”

Destructoid: 10/10

“When Bayonetta came out in 2010, I thought it was nearly perfect. Four years later and Platinum hasn’t lost its edge with Bayonetta 2. It’s just as stylish and as fun as ever, and a must-buy for action fans who own a Wii U.”

Gamespot: 10/10

“Bayonetta 2’s combat is so expertly constructed, and its presentation so joyously insane, that you’d have to try so very hard to get bored of it all. In a year filled with the promise of ever more elaborate experiences on all the shiny new hardware, that Bayonetta 2–a homage to classic game design and escapism–should be the most fun I’ve had playing a game all year is unexpected. But maybe it shouldn’t have been. After all, its predecessor still stands as one of the finest games of its genre. To have surpassed that with Bayonetta 2, and to have created a game that will be remembered as an absolute classic, is nothing short of astonishing.”

CVG: 9/10

“We didn’t need a Bayonetta sequel, we needed this gracious evolution of style and execution, an injection of loving new content into a game that always felt as though it deserved more, even after we’d rinsed it clean. It might be an expansion pack, but it’s quite possibly the best one ever made.”

Eurogamer: 9/10

“The rhythm of combat remains the same, though it’s hard to complain when it’s riffing off such a heady beat, where chimed enemy attacks are lithely dodged into slo-mo pugilism, where impossible combos culminate with a 20-foot boot weaved from hair crashing from the heavens and where spinning amidst the avalanche of colour and cartoon violence is Bayonetta herself, stopping only briefly to wink at a player exhausted by the unrelenting joy of it all. Bayonetta 2’s biggest disappointment may be that it’s an iterative sequel, but it’s not such a problem when it’s iterating on genius.”

GamesRadar: 4/5

“Bayonetta 2 is sheer class. Yes, it takes a little too long to get going, given its length, but the final four hours are relentlessly, breathlessly exceptional. Granted, it’s all just ‘more of the same’ with a shorter haircut, but we’re talking about more of one of the best games ever made. And seeing as the Special Edition of Bayonetta 2 comes with a Wii U conversion of that gorgeous original, Nintendo certainly has the ultimate Bayonetta experience in its portfolio. And that’s something it should boast about as loudly as possible.”

Edge: 10/10

“Sure, it’s a sequel, but it’s a sequel to what has stood, for almost five years, as the best game of its type ever made. Until now, that is. Sega’s loss is Nintendo’s gain: Bayonetta, twirling away from a gigantic demon’s maw and smacking the highest choir of angels on the nose, has just given Wii U its first true classic.”

Polygon: 7.5/10

“I won’t guess why the blatant over-sexualization is still there, often more intensely than before. But it causes an otherwise great game to require a much bigger mental compromise to enjoy.”

Joystiq: 5/5

“Bayonetta 2 is the perfect action game. It oozes style and boasts gameplay that’s both refined and lacking in excess. The combat is so purely entertaining that it’s easy to lose yourself in the almost-zen flow of dodging, countering and kicking enemies to death. Bayonetta 2 rewards a player’s drive to look as cool as possible in combat with gameplay designed for exactly that – and with the acrobatic violence of a winking heroine who is as legitimately endearing as she is completely ludicrous. Even if Bayonetta 2 did not include an enhanced remake of its predecessor, it would launch as one of the Wii U’s best games, but this generous inclusion pushes Platinum’s first sequel into no-brainer territory for anyone with even the slightest affection for action games. If you bought the Wii U months ago explicitly in anticipation of Bayonetta 2, congratulations, your decision has paid off in spades.”

SixthAxis: 9/10

“Bayonetta 2 is amongst the most refined and dynamic action games to appear on any console, taking the best parts of the original game and building upon them. It is crazy, chaotic and characterful and a genuine pleasure to play. Whether it can be a system seller for Nintendo is questionable as its delights are possibly not entirely mainstream, but for fans of the original and the genre it should certainly make a Wii U a very tempting proposition.”

VideoGamer: 9/10

“Bayonetta 2 is a system seller. It’s a Nintendo-published game that is rarely seen, and a game that will legitimately make non-Wii U owners jealous. It’s everything I want from a hardcore Nintendo title, offering genre-leading combat and eye-popping visual spectacle. The fact that Bayonetta 2 delivers the goods is no surprise. Nintendo being the firm behind its continued survival, however, is a surprise we should be very grateful for.”

Game Informer – 9/10:

“Creating a sequel to an already-polished game is a challenge, but Platinum Games’ approach ultimately succeeds. Bayonetta 2 is rooted in its past while taking steps (but not strides) toward the future. Though I was disappointed by some of the familiarity, I was usually having too much fun to care.”

VentureBeat: 87/100

“Bayonetta 2 is surprising. Some of that is because it is an M-rated Wii U exclusive. It’s also because it is a good game in a genre that doesn’t seem long for this world. With everything moving open-world and online, Platinum is still sticking to it’s area of expertise. And it’s working.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever need a Bayonetta 3, but I’m certainly glad that I got to play Bayonetta 2.”

Metro: 9/10

“A fantastic sequel, whose improvements may be relatively subtle but are more than enough to confirm Bayonetta 2 as one of the greatest action games ever made.”

IGN: 9.5/10

“Every aspect of Bayonetta 2 feels polished and focused. At times, the writing feels ridiculous, but I still love how it plays. The superb pacing and combat are just that good. By the end I was convinced: This sequel builds on everything that made the original great, and delivers one of the most satisfying action games I’ve played.”

Giant Bomb: 5/5

“Bayonetta 2 doesn’t drastically change the already wacky formula that the first game introduced, but it’s a bigger and more nuanced version of its predecessor. It’s also the best game of its kind in years. If you’ve ever enjoyed this breed of reflex-heavy, hyperactive, ludicrous action game, Bayonetta 2 is a no-brainer.”

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  1. Wow, so many awesome reviews! I don’t have a Wii U, but I’m hoping Santa will bring one this Christmas! I’ve just picked up the Bayonetta Movie: Bloody Fate and that’s keeping me going in the meantime. It’s really great, you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already! There’s a trailer here if you’re interested.

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