Information Overload

As a dedicated fan of comics, video games, films and television, I try to consume as many examples of these mediums as possible. The rise of online and cloud-based services, such as ComiXology, Netflix and Sky Player has made this increasingly convenient, especially living in the UK where access to comics is far more limited when compared to the comic book market in the US.

I have come to the conclusion that, despite my best efforts, I will never be able to consume and experience all the raw information, entertainment and media that I want. I have a wealth of comics stored in my ComiXology account that are unread, many of which I will probably never get around to reading.

It almost feels overwhelming; Breaking Bad was a television series that I adored, but after taking a break after the season three finale and moving on to pastures new, I will probably never see the conclusion to Walter White’s story and can no longer be involved in the discussion.

I suppose this is something to be relished; in the 21st Century our wealth of options are greater than any generation that has come before us, and the diversity in the forms of entertainment we can choose from has never been more clearly defined.

This library of content is only going to get improve as years go by, and with the rise of sites like Kickstarter allowing projects to be funded that otherwise would never see the light of day, niche markets looking for the rebirth of an obscure video game character or a series dedicated to Batman’s ex-sidekick Nightwing can also get their fix.

In the end, we are moulded by our tastes and the media we consume, and this is something to be celebrated. I always feel like you can gain an idea of an individual’s character from the DVDs and books they have in their collection, and this is as true of the absent titles as the ones that are front and centre.


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